Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why are we Seeking Stone Gossard?

Who is Clinton Sell you ask and what is this project all about....

Clinton is a young 39 years and to say he is a HUGE Pearl Jam fan is an understatement....
When he was 28 years old in 2002 he was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumor called an 
      you can read about it HERE 
His symptoms began with headaches and then seizures before he was diagnosed. His daughter was 2 years old when all this began and his wife and she have stood strong by his side through all the trying years. This type of tumor is removable...but it will return and it has. Nine years after the first tumor was removed  Clinton went into surgery again to have his second tumor removed  in 2011 and radiation and chemo lasted into 2012. He was out of work for 3 months the second time and was eventually let go from his job for medical reasons. 
Recovery is a long road when you have had your BRAIN opened up - not once but twice...
You have to learn how to walk and stand - basic things we take for granted
all over again.

What helped him through it ?
 A loving family, friends,amazing doctors , nurses, rehab specialists
and the music of Pearl Jam.
(O.K. to leave the hospital)

   In Clinton's own words ..... back in the early 1990's
    " When I first saw the video for "Alive" - I went out the next day and bought "Ten" . My first Pearl Jam memory was the beginning of that video , the image of the waves rolling and the energy of the band playing live. This crazy singer climbing the light rigging , the walls and diving into the crowd . It was almost like a drug - mesmerizing. I wanted to watch that video all day long. After I bought "Ten" I was blown away. The music was so intense and emotional .I made the mistake of buying "Ten" on cassette. I wore copies of it out 3 times before I finally got smart and bought it on CD.  The music just struck something inside me.  I was going through a break up with my first true love when I was listening to "Ten" and the music really helped me through it."

 The Music continues to be a soundtrack as he recovers and moves onward from his illness.

 SO why the title "Seeking Stone Gossard?" 

 We decided on the title because when Clinton was asked by a pretty well known group if he had a wish what would it be? He replied - "To meet Stone Gossard"....Clinton has been one of Stone's biggest fans from the start -
   "I just really dug his style and was impressed with his guitar playing. I admire the fact that he cares about the world and contributes to those was are doing right by the earth.We need more people like Stone in the world." Clinton is passionate about his causes too...He helps with Wishlist events any time he can, he has worked with Team McCready, and he supports local animal and environmental causes himself in his hometown in Florida.
  The group tried to help with the wish request but they had no luck in the avenues they tried...
So I, as a fellow Pearl Jam family member, decided that we should try another avenue...and the flood of well wishes and people trying to help has poured down on us from our PJ family as we call them.
 Every day we will be  posting pictures sent to us and taken by myself to try and get Stone's attention!
We have until either October 29th or 30th of 2013 to make this happen....Clinton will be attending
two concerts during the bands Fall Tour supporting their new album "Lightning Bolt" on those dates!

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Much Love and Pearl Jam to the World!


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