Monday, July 14, 2014

David Manesche - Voices Against Brain Cancer fundraiser

It has been a bit since I last posted here. 
Life gets in the way sometimes. 
We are working on some changes and big plans!
I want to share some information from our 
friend, author, and brain cancer warrior David Menasche.
He is participating in a fundraiser in a few weeks
and we are helping him sound the call!
Here are David's own words....
"On August 10 Voices Against Brain Cancer is hosting their annual run/walk against cancer to raise money to fund research to find a cure. I will be going to New York to participate in the event I will be doing the 5 miles (albeit in a wheelchair) and trying to help with the fundraising. Please help me to help them find cure so I will be the last person to suffer from this disease! Please contribute what you can and share the link. Thank you kindly!"
Here is a link to his teams page-
The Brain Stormers

So if you can donate even a few dollars, every bit counts.
If you live in NY and want to participate
It would be amazing and I'm sure David would love to
meet you!
 One more thing,
If you haven't read The Priority List yet,
GO get it!
It's a truly inspirational and honestly informative book.
I found it hard to describe to people what some of the 
symptoms and side effects were of brain cancer survivors and David
Does a more than excellent job.
Everyone's journey is different, but his book is
a great insight!

(No he didn't pay me to plug it either!)

Looking forward to continuing our journey here soon!

Pamela White / Clinton Sell