Thursday, January 23, 2014

Where are we headed? and The Priority List..........

Thanks to everyone for following our journey!

It really has not ended!
The holidays proved to be quite
an undertaking this year.

Clinton and I are thinking of ways to continue the site
in order to help support other Brain Tumor
as well as other Pearl Jam fans battling major
illnesses in their lives.

It just feels right!

Clinton heads in for his routine MRI at the end of this
Lightning Bolt will be the music of choice this go round he says!

Today I wanted to bring some information to you
about another Friend fighting a Brain Tumor....
you may have heard of him - or you may not...
David Menashce has just
published a book called 
The Priority List...
 We are very excited for David!

This is the summary Amazon
gives for the book to give you a good idea
of what it's all about
 "Based on a beloved teacher’s most popular lesson, The Priority List is a bold, inspirational story of learning, love, and legacy that challenges us to ask: What truly matters in life?

David Menasche lived for his work as a high school English teacher. His passion inspired his students, and between lessons on Shakespeare and sentence structure, he forged a unique bond with his kids, buoying them through personal struggles while sharing valuable life lessons.

When a six-year battle with brain cancer ultimately stole David’s vision, memory, mobility, and—most tragically of all—his ability to continue teaching, he was devastated by the thought that he would no longer have the chance to impact his students’ lives each day.

But teaching is something Menasche just couldn’t quit. Undaunted by the difficult road ahead of him, he decided to end his treatments and make life his classroom. Cancer had robbed him of his past and would most certainly take his future; he wouldn’t allow it to steal his present. He turned to Facebook with an audacious plan: a journey across America— by bus, by train, by red-tipped cane—in hopes of seeing firsthand how his kids were faring in life. Had he made a difference? Within forty-eight hours of posting, former students in more than fifty cities replied with offers of support and shelter.

Traveling more than eight thousand miles from Miami to New York, to America’s heartland and San Francisco’s Golden Gate, and visiting hundreds of his students, David’s fearless journey explores the things we all want and need out of life—family, security, independence, love, adventure—and forces us to stop to consider our own Priority List."


Living with a Brain Tumor or cancer is not just about
all the medical terms and surgeries and chemo...
there is a person still attached to the disease.
While here at Seeking Stone Gossard
we want to help shed light on Brain Tumor research,
funding, and awareness.
We also want to help tell the stories of the people 
that are affected by it.

I encourage you to go get a copy of 
The Priority List!
You can visit the 
Facebook page 

David has been interviewed by CNN and The Today Show
and was on the cover of The Miami Herald 
this past two weeks!
I imagine this book will be on the Best Sellers List
very soon!
I can't even summarize how I feel about this promo
for the book.
I feel like David hits the head of the nail HARD
Just how I'd hope someone living with cancer or how
a totally healthy person should live!
Of course there is also a tie in to the book!
I will be sharing some more videos soon.

I asked David if it was o.k. to include him in our links
and he graciously said yes!

We thank him for his wonderful story and willingness to
share himself with the world! 

Visit the FaceBook page David started 
don't forget to LIKE the page 
and invite others to do the same to help
spread awareness!