Monday, October 7, 2013

Photo Seventeen - A wish with a View...

A Wish with a view
of Pike's Peak
from Colorado!
Thanks to the Jackson Family!
One of them had to take the picture!

Thanks to everyone who has diligently
e-mailed for us...
Who have Tweeted and shared...
We are starting to hear some buzz!
With the streaming of the bands new album on I- Tunes
today we are getting excited!
Several of you have checked in with us
on FaceBook 
at our page
We are starting to hear some buzz from you 
about e-mails you have received from 10C!
Eternally Thankful to you all... 
Hopefully we will have a big announcement soon
and Clinton and I will
continue to document the journey.
Keep sending us pictures!
We are going until the 30th!
Love and Pearl Jam to you all!

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