Friday, November 1, 2013

And then there was Charlotte.....

We made it to Charlotte
with little time to spare!
The trek from Va was longer than expected.
We threw our stuff down,
showered ,
and were off again.

Time Warner Cable Arena 
Stone Gossard
were waiting!
We made our way
with much anticipation.
The whole week before had been
spent with fellow Jammers for me.
 Clinton and his wife
Jackie drove all the way from Florida!

We got our passes and let the bands tour
manager Mark know we were there.
We hurried to the sidestage
and were escorted in...
Going "behind the curtain" is really
quite a neat feeling.
It's a bustling and busy place.

We were led by some great guys
who were more than happy to help us out.

Finally THE moment arrived...
and who came out all smiles?
The guy we've been looking for all this time...

Mr.Stone Gossard

 Stone took time before the show
to chat and exchange
 hugs, handshakes and gifts,
 Clinton, his wife Jackie
He told us how Ed's wife Jill
had turned him on to the site.
How they had all looked at the FaceBook posts
and the site here!
I was thrilled that the band had all taken an interest!
Stone made us laugh when
he said
"YES! Someone wants to meet Stone!"

I can not express how sort of nervous the hours leading up
to this I had become.
I wanted to do a good job for my friend
and I was worried I'd flub it up!
All of that went away the minute Stone stepped
out and headed for us.
From the very start he was so
personable, warm, and friendly.
Clinton and he discussed all kinds of things
 like sports, music, an environmentally
 project Stone was involved in
to how our trip was.

There is a ton more to this amazing story
and of course
 I am going to make you come back for more!

The whole night was absolutely wonderful!
A few more surprise visitors to share
and more about our
evening soon!
I also want to discuss
even more importantly how you can help
in funding Brain Tumor research.
I'd like to thank so many Jammers for helping
us out this week!
You all know who you are and you ROCK!
Pearl Jam is headlining Vodoo fest in New Orleans
this weekend!
The beast never rests!
Come back this weekend for more!


  1. Thank you for posting this, Fantastic read... I can Wait for part 2...


  2. love that you did this for Clinton and family and that they met him!!!!

  3. Congratulations!... some dreams seems impossible but sometimes you just need some hope (and lucky!!!). I met Stone in Argentina this year, he signed my bootleg... Im fan of Mike. I hope some day met him too.

  4. Incredible on all fronts, so happy for you Clinton and everyone involved. Nice to know there are people willing to help others out and go out of their way for each other. Best wishes Clinton!
    Way to go Stone and all involved in the PJ family!

  5. What a thrill this was to read. Stone is a great guy.

  6. Saw this today on facebook and of course, had to share it. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I've been slightly jealous of those who are getting to see Pearl Jam on this tour. It's been 13 long years for me, and I'm jonesing! In all seriousness though, Clinton, I am so very happy for you to have gotten to meet Stone. These guys in this greatest band on the planet are the epitome of love and I pity anyone who doesn't see that. Like you, I have adored Pearl Jam since buying Ten. My family and friends say I'm obsessed. I say "I'm just a normal Pearl Jam fan - we're ALL like this." And they roll their eyes... I wish you and yours all the best, my friend, and am sending positive thoughts and energy your way. Tracy B. Frankfort MI

  7. Congrats Clinton! I'm really happy for you!! I hope you keep well and enjoy more amd more Pearl Jam shows! Regards, javis from Buenos Aires

  8. Congratulations on the happy ending to your mission!!!
    I hope you get the courage and strength you need to keep on fighting for this life. What joy these moments definitely offered you! Well done! All good thoughts for everyone involved!
    Greetings from Greece,
    p.s. would you upload the video that is posted on GFG facebook page? It's so beautiful!

  9. simply amazing and so heart warming