Monday, November 4, 2013

Charlotte just kept getting better.....

The fun in Charlotte just keeps coming
While  talking with Stone...
Clinton gave him some suggestions 
for that nights setlist...
We became privy to the fact that
they were indeed going to finally 
play Getaway!

We knew everyone was waiting!

Like I said -
back stage is a busy and bustling
you never know who you will run into...

Like some guy named Mike McCready?!
I joke..

Mike stopped and talked with us for a while too.
Sports was the popular theme for the night.
He was even nice enough to go run 
and get a few pics for us.
From what we gather the whole band had seen the site
and Stone kept forgetting what day it was...
"Is this the night we're supposed to meet Clinton?"
he'd ask Mark.

I can only imagine how hard it is to know what day is which
when you are on the road.
I know Clinton his wife and I lost track in the four days
we were gone!
 Mike hung around until he had to go get ready...
The conversations were easy and like we'd all
known each other already.
One more special person managed to 
drop in...
and YES
I will make you come back for that too!

Before that I want to 
let you know about another group that is
starting up and working to
spread the word , educate, share and aide in the
fight against Brain Tumors.
Click the link to visit

Denise Howell 
has been brave enough to share her
current journey fighting
Glioblastoma Multiforme
which began in September of this year.

Here is their mission statement -

Babes Against Brain Cancer's #1 Goal is to raise awareness and funds for research, and to provide support and hope for patients who are diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, an extremely rare brain cancer effecting roughly 22,000 people in the United States annually.

When one is diagnosed with a brain tumor, it can be very overwhelming and shocking as you can imagine. We hope that we will be able to support those patients, get them immediate care, and connect them with the best doctors in the country treating GBM with hopes to help save their life!

We have recently connected with the Chris Elliot Fund (, a non-profit out of Seattle and a National Brain Tumor Patient Support group. It is their mission to support cutting-edge brain cancer research; to promote education and awareness of this sorely under-funded disease; to provide information and resources for brain cancer patients and their families; and to act as the voice for brain cancer patients who cannot fight for themselves.

Together, we will help GBM patients nationwide get the treatment and support they need to survive!

I have also added a permanent link to the Babes page
on our side bar...
Clinton and I encourage you to take a moment and look....
This new start up could use all the support 
it can get.

We have been glad to connect with such a wonderful family
 and someone like Denise who is willing
 to openly share her journey.
I know when I first talked with Clinton I was not sure if
he would be comfortable posting pictures from his
but ultimately I know he felt it would awaken
people to the nature and extremity of what
is involved in this condition.

We just want to let everyone know this has been a journey -
not just the quest to meet Stone
but to also raise some awareness now for Brain Tumor
research and care for patients.

Come back for our next special guest and some more info!
Love to all the Jammers and others who have supported us!

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